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My interest for electronics and music instruments, especially guitar, has been grown since junior high school. To learn about electronics and music are very exciting for me, and the most interesting part is how those instruments can produce their own unique and particular sound.

As I learned deeper, my knowledge about music and electronics has been developed to a mature stage. I realized that the most important part in producing an electric musical instrument is the electric source itself, particularly how the connection between the effect routing that needs an absolute clean and regulated electricity voltage and current.

What I want to present for you is providing a power supply to protect your guitar effects from any kinds of hastle in sound quality, example: hum, noises, or even worse, the ground loop.

What I create is an isolated power supply. I make a power supply that is pure isolated in each section, that the source of isolation is toroidal transformer which I had customized it. A good system has been developed in making the electric voltage works in line, filtered by high value capasitor, regulated and protected by high quality IC, and using long life durability connectors.
Right now, our product is designed to facilitate the needs for power supply on your pedal board or other general needs for musical instruments with a solid guarantee in high quality and service.



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